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What can BackupMinder do for me?

BackupMinder is a utility to help manage the many backup files left by repetitive backup processes.

Programs such as LightSpeed Pro, Daylite, and QuickBooks Server create daily backups which are important, but over time they become bulky and risk filling up hard drives.

BackupMinder will:

  • keep only a specified number of the most recent backups.
  • automatically keep backups from the last day of the month.
  • prevent automated backups from filling the hard drive and wasting valuable drive space.
  • determine if a backup has not been added within a designated number of days.
  • manage multiple sets of backups.
  • eliminate the task of maintaining and deleting unneeded backup files.

What are some use cases for BackupMinder?

  • A Netboot server may fail to remove unneeded or old Shadow-files.
  • 1Password only offers the choice of keeping 10 or 50 backups.
  • Quickbooks creates a backup every time it quits.
  • LightSpeed Retail server creates a backup every day.
  • FileMaker Pro Server keeps daily backups but retains no long term history.
  • An Excel file can be saved, but no version history exists.

BackupMinder manages backups automatically, so nobody else needs to.


  • We created, tested, and use BackupMinder and it works for us.
  • When configured properly BackupMinder WILL DELETE DATA. We take no responsibility for cases of mistakenly lost data.
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