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The preferred method of utilizing the Backup Minder application, is to have a Launch Daemon watch a directory, and trigger Backup Minder when this directory is modified. However, you can also call BackupMinder from the command line, thus, in effect, set up a script to do so.

The last backup of each month will be stored in the ArchiveFolder. The backups in BackupFolder will be trimmed to the quantity defined in BackupsToKeep

What are BackupMinder's components?

/Applications/ A GUI to create and set launchd plists
/Library/Application Support/BackupMinder The tool which does all the work.
/Library/Application Support/BackupMinderHelper A privilaged helper for the GUI
/Library/LaunchDeamons/org.backupminder.[your set name].plist The launchd which watches a folder, and runs the BackupMinder tool.


Backup Minder requires certain information in order to run. When Backup Minder was installed, it created a settings file at: /Library/Application Support/BackupMinder/BackupMinder.plist

If Backup Minder is started without any command arguments, it will look to this plist to decide what to do, and how to do it.

This information can also be supplied by command line arguments that override what is in the settings plist. You can also specify these options in the LaunchD to be passed along as command line arguments.

BackupMinder Input Variables

Key Default Description
BackupSource n/a Directory where the backup files are located
ArchiveDestination n/a Directory where BackupMinder should place its archives
NameContains n/a Unique pattern in the file name of the backups to check for Case Sensitive
BackupsToKeep n/a Number of backups to keep when trimming the backup folder (setting to 0 disables trimming)
Key Default Description
WarnInactiveDays 7 Number of days without activity before we log that there is a problem (setting to 0 disables inactivity warning)
MaxLogLength 100 The amount of logs to keep for each backup set Defaults to 100 (setting to 0 disables max log size)

Other Information

Making a Settings file

We bundle a GUI app to create & load the needed launchd plists.

Additionally, BackupMinder's -m or –MakeSettings switch will create or validate a new settings file, or check an old one to verify it has everything it needs, and then exit.

Verbose Output

The -v flag will print more output to help with trouble-shooting. Only the standard (non -v) output will be logged into the log file.


Backup Minder keeps logs of its activity next to the program itself, as
/Library/Application Support/BackupMinder/BackupMinder_Log.plist

The logs contain a dictionary of previous activity for each specified BackupSet:
Each dictionary includes the application’s output, exit status, and the timestamp of the most recent backup matching the file pattern.

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