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Download the latest version of BackupMinder from here:

BackupMinder 2.1.3

Version 2.1.3 Trims logs and ensures a clean upgrade

  • A change from en.lproj to English.lproj prevented the new UI from being displayed.
  • BackupMinder will trim its log file to 999 entries

Version 2.1.2 Updated installer

  • Specifies files for a better installation experience

Version 2.1.1 Autopkg recipe

  • Allows for up to 999 copies of current backups to be retained (in cases where 99 wasn't enough history)
  • Ensure permissions on installation

Version 2.1 Autopkg recipe

Version 2.0 Setup Assistant, Auto-Updating

  • New Setup assistant helps create BackupSets
  • Support for new-version notifications

Version 1.0 Initial Release

  • Installation package places files properly and sets permissions
  • Template of the needed LaunchD plist is placed at /Library/Application Support/BackupMinder
  • The BackupMinder executable is fully operational
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