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LightSpeed 3.7 and above

The Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly archives contain no images, making them less useful in the case of emergency.

Using BackupMinder to create Monthly archives means you can keep a monthly archive of your complete database.

When creating your BackupSet, choose /Users/Shared/LightSpeed/Backups/Daily Backups as the source, and create /Users/Shared/LightSpeed/Backups/Archive as the destination.

Have your cloud backup system backup only /Users/Shared/LightSpeed/Backups/_Latest\ Backup and /Users/Shared/LightSpeed/Backups/Archive (the folder you created)

LightSpeed 3.6 and below

The problem - LightSpeed Pro has left over 27,000 files in the backup folder

The result - no more than 90 backups!

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