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Line 20: Line 20:
  value=""></​td>​  value=""></​td>​
  <​td>&​nbsp;</​td>  ​  <​td>&​nbsp;</​td>  ​
- <​td><​input type="​image"​ src="http://​​images/​G/​01/​asp/​beige_small_donate_withmsg_whitebg.gif"​ border="​0"></​td>​+ <​td><​input type="​image"​ src="https://​​images/​G/​01/​asp/​beige_small_donate_withmsg_whitebg.gif"​ border="​0"></​td>​
  </​form>​  </​form>​
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
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